Finder instructions

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Finder finds influencers according to topic among 2 billion online users.
Find out who your target audience is today!

1. Search


To begin the search for the best influencers for your brand simply login and write your category in the search bar (i.e. cuisine, fashion, photography, tourism).
For an even more accurate search you can use the "Advanced Search" options.

  • Language: this allows you to search for influencers who speak specific languages
  • Suggest influencers: gives you the opportunity to suggest reference influencers for your research

2. Preview


After having input the topic in the search bar, such as filmmakers, you will see a preview of the report with just 5 results.
At this stage it is possible to eliminate any results that aren't relevant or interesting and see the entire report by clicking "Create a report".

3. Report


With the report complete, it is possible to view all of the results by topic and interact (mention, follow, etc.) with the social profiles of the resulting influencers, (Twitter, Facebook, blog, website).
To continue to have access to the Finder report, even offline, it is possible to download it in PDF or Excel format.

4. Filters


To help you identify influencers that are most tailored to the needs of your brand we’ve equipped Finder with a filtration and organization system that includes the following:

  • Max Followers: filters the influencers based on the maximum number of followers they have
  • Gender: filters the influencers according to gender (male, female, both)
  • Skills: filters the influencers based on their skills and skill level
Organization levels:
  • Leaders: organizes influencers who have the most followers in your identified cluster from top to bottom or most to least
  • Lovers: shows the users who follow the leading influencer in the identified topic at the top of the list
  • Connectors: puts the influencers who have the highest number of relationships and connections among themselves at the top of the list
  • Emerging: shows the users who in the last 3 months have gained importance and have begun to influence their followers in your specific topic at the top of the list
Research on favorites:
  • Favorites: These are your favorite influencers, who you can choose in the research stage by clicking on the star